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Associate Firms

Incyte is proud to partner with the following firms:

Great Village Consulting
JJK Associates

Plum Consulting
Antelope Consulting
Inca Research & Consulting

JJK Associates

JJK Associates was established in November 2002 as a network of independent consultants focused on the infocoms sector.

It is able to draw on an extensive pool of around experienced independent consultants. JJK Associates consultants operate on a freelance basis - but all have extensive experience with leading industry players and consultancy firms, both in the UK and internationally, and all combine well-proven consulting expertise with deep industry or functional knowledge.

Their experience ranges from pure strategy consulting through to programme management and implementation but the strongest specializations are in telecoms technology, regulation and costing. JJK Associates is run by Jonathan Kingan, who has 25 years of experience in the telecoms sector ranging from engineering/technology development to regulation and cost accounting.

JJK Associates has recently been engaged in:

  • Implementation of cost modelling and accounting
        separation for a major European incumbent
        telecoms operator

  • Development of financial models for a Caribbean
        operator this included bottom-up LRIC models for
        the fixed and mobile networks, combined with a
        top-down model for retail costs.

  • Advising the owners of an EU incumbent operator
        on structural separation, involving the
        development of business plan forecast model,
        including a ten-year pricing forecast for the key
        wholesale products.

  • For a middle-eastern operator, advised on
        incremental cost modelling of the access network,
        including the use of next-generation technologies.

  • Audit of separated regulatory accounts for an
        incumbent operator

  • Great Village Consulting
    Great Village International Consultants Inc. is an international advisory firm which advises on telecoms sector regulatory, privatization, infrastructure and financial projects. Great Village consultants also advise on infrastructure projects In the health and education sectors.

    Plum Consulting
    Plum Consulting is a leading independent consulting firm, focused on the telecommunications, media, technology, and adjacent sectors, based in London. Plum Consulting applies its extensive industry knowledge, consulting experience, and rigorous analysis to address challenges and opportunities across regulatory, radio spectrum, economic, commercial, and technology domains.

    Antelope Consulting
    Antelope Consulting is an independent consultancy that has worked since 1992 on telecommunications policy and strategy. Antelope Consulting have worked in both developed and developing countries, forming international teams where appropriate.

    Inca Research & Consulting
    Inca Research & Consulting was established in 2009 and provides policy and regulatory advice in Telecoms covering in South Korea and Japan.

    Regulaid is a regulatory consultancy company focusing on electronic communication markets providing professional expertise in telecoms regulation from experts with extensive hands-on experience.


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