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June 2018

APEC TEL 57 in Port Moresby : Incyte Consulting has assisted the PNG National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) to prepare for and conduct various workshops and roundtables held in Port Moresby during the first week of June 2018. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Telecommunications Working Group, involving representatives from over 15 APEC Member Economies met in Port Moresby. Incyte directors Jim Holmes and Matt O’Rourke assisted in the preparation and delivery of PNG contributions to TEL 57 on Over the Top (OTT) services, universal broadband services and open access and facilities sharing. These are important topics for PNG and all APEC Member Economies as the sector develops and as economic and social transactions become increasingly online. PNG will be hosting the APEC Ministerial Meeting later in the year.

To whom it may concern

Please note that Incyte Consulting is owed a substantial amount of money by Parvaresh Dadeha (Data Processing Company) a company formed under the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran with registration number 69792 and having its principal office at No. 25, Shohada St., North Mirzaye Shirazi Ave., Tehran, Iran ("DP Co or DPCo", see http://www.dpco.net/ or گروه شرکت های پرورش داده ها).

Incyte Consulting and DPCo have worked in consortium for a third party and this third party has settled its bills with DPCo as the primary point of contact for our consortium. However, DPCo has retained a substantial amount owed to Incyte Consulting and does not appear able or willing to make payment, now two years after receiving the original invoice from Incyte Consulting. We would therefore like to notify you that DPCo presents a substantial trade risk to its partners both inside and outside Iran. Under the circumstances, we would particularly advise against retaining DPCo for any consulting services, because its business continuity cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that the above relates specifically and only to the company listed. There are other legal entities outside Iran with the name DPCo or DP Co and these legal entities are not subject to the above notice.

گروه شرکت های پرورش داده ها

May 2018

Norfolk Telecom: Incyte Consulting has recently completed a study for the Australian Department of Communications and the Arts on the capacity of Norfolk Telecom (NT) to comply with the carrier licence obligations when the Australian telecommunications regime is extended to Norfolk Island. The study was part of a wider program by the Australian government of extending Australian law to Norfolk Island. Norfolk Telecom is a very small non-incorporated business operation of the Norfolk Island Regional Council and provides fixed and mobile services to a community of around 1,750 permanent residents. Incyte Consulting examined the impact of a substantial body of Australian telecommunications and other laws and other legal instruments with which licensed carriers under the Australian regime must comply and assessed the capacity of NT to comply with current resources and with various levels of assistance or exemption. We expect the Department to take the outcomes of the study into account when planning in detail for the extension of the Australian telecommunications regime to Norfolk Island.

Nov 2017

ASEAN Telecommunications Single Market: In November 2017 Incyte Consulting completed a study for the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) on the feasibility of establishing a Telecommunications Single Market (TSM) including all or most of its 10 Member States. The study was undertaken in conjunction with Plum Consulting of the United Kingdom. The study was presented to the ASEAN TELSOM (Telecommunications Senior Officers Meeting) in Siem Reap in November. It was a wide-ranging study that examined the possible forms that a TSM might take in the context of ASEAN, and the feasibility and the substantial net economic benefits of a potential TSM. The study also recognised the challenges that faced ASEAN in implementing a TSM across a membership of diverse countries with different levels of sectoral and economic development and different short-medium term potential to benefit from a TSM. The study is now with ASEAN for inclusion in its plans for the sector.

Aug 2017

New tariff regulations for Malawi: Incyte Consulting has recently prepared new interconnection and tariffing regulations for the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority with price proposals based on bottom-up cost models constructed for this purpose. The models and the pricing plans were presented to industry at a workshop held in Blantyre on 26th July 2017.

Blantyre Industry Workshop

Feb 2017

Collective Dominance and Oligopoly Regulation: Incyte Consulting Director Jim Holmes has had his doctoral thesis accepted by Monash University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree has been awarded.

The thesis is entitled Collective dominance and oligopoly control in European competition law: Dealing with persistent oligopoly in markets such as telecommunications, and researches the attempts of the courts and academics to develop a suitably balanced approach to collective dominance (sometimes called tacit collusion) in markets that are typically oligopolistic such as telecommunications. The developments in the European Union have been more fruitful than some other jurisdictions to research these matters because of the context provided by the EU Treaty.

The thesis has been loaded into the Monash University Library and Archive system and may be accessed using the following URL: https://doi.org/10.4225/03/589a6b271f625

Jan 2017

Big Data: Incyte Director, David Rogerson, gave a keynote address on the subject of Effective Regulation of Big Data, at the ITU Regional Economic and Financial Forum of Telecommunications / ICTs for Africa, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 30-31 January 2017. See picture attached. The presentation can be found at here. A separate briefing paper will be published shortly on this website.

David Rogerson at ITU Victoria Falls

Jan 2017

Net Neutrality: A major net neutrality milestone was reached in August 2016 through the publication of the BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation by National Regulators of European Net Neutrality Rules.

A comprehensive paper, Net Neutrality: A perspective responding to recent developments in the European Union, has been prepared by three of Incyte's principals. The paper argues that the BEREC Guidelines have effectively and significantly brought to an end the long-lasting and highly polarised 'net neutrality' debate that began in the United States in the 1990s. The Guidelines potentially provide a comprehensive, flexible, readily implementable and globally exportable framework of solutions for balancing the legitimate 'net neutrality' needs of all stakeholders regardless of national jurisdiction.

The paper was published as an extended article in the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (December 2016, Vol 4 No 4) and may be accessed free of charge at https://telsoc.org/ajtde/2016-12-v4-n4/a79 A version of the paper in a different format and with footnotes rather than endnotes, may be accessed on this website, here.

Sep 2016

Since Incyte was established in 2007 the company has supported a number of charities and appeals, most notably in response to the Haiti Earthquake of 2010. This month Incyte Director, David Rogerson, is running a marathon in aid of the Sustainable Agro Alliance (SAAL), a project working with 1,800 farmers from excluded communities in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. SAAL aims to form strong cooperatives using organic farming techniques, so as to ensuring a better future for themselves and their families. Incyte has contributed £750 of the £2200 raised so far. More information on the project may be found at http://www.saal.co.in

Jul 2016

Incyte Principal Associate Kerron Edmunson is a legal expert in telecom regulation based in South Africa. In an interview this month with Business Day she reflected on the regulator ICASA's approach to broadband network development. Kerron has stepped down as a Director of Incyte, but she will continue to work closely with the company on key regulatory projects in Africa and elsewhere.

More Information

  Visit the Business Day site and watch or read the transcript of Kerron's interview here.

May 2015

Incyte has been engaged in three separate European countries to assist with financial modeling related to next generation broadband networks. In Bulgaria we are working with Ecorys to update cost models for fixed and mobile networks for the national regulatory authority, CRC; in Ireland we are working with Regulaid to develop robust costing methodology for wholesale access to broadband infrastructure; in Belgium we are advising the cable company Telenet on the financial and economic modeling of fibre and VDSL roll-out.

More Information
Bulgaria's Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has published its Decision No. 496 of 17 September 2016. View the article on the TeleGeography site here.

Apr 2015

Incyte Director Harm Aben has prepared a paper showing Incyte's approach to product development and innovation. The approach has been successful for a number of our clients in Progresif of Brunei and BTC Bahamas.

More Information

  Harm Aben - "Incyte Consulting's Approach to Telecom Sector Product Development: Being Creative in a Corporate Setting" (April, 2015).

Jan 2015

Kerron Edmunson joins Incyte as a Director: Kerron Edmunson has been an associate of Incyte's for many years, partnering in many projects particularly in Africa. Kerron became a Director and consultant of Incyte in January 2015. Kerron's experience and expertise is shown under Our People.

Oct 2014

A new Competition Management regime for Lesotho

Incyte Consulting has been retained by the Lesotho Communications Authority to prepare a new Competition Management Regime for the telecommunications sector. A public consultation document has been released in which the relevant markets for ex-ante regulation are defined and draft determinations of dominance are proposed for each market. The public consultation marks the first major milestone in the project which will ultimately establish a range of pro-competition measures for communications in the Lesotho. The consultation documents may be found here and interested parties are invited to submit their comments by 10th October 2014.

Apr 2014

David Rogerson has published a paper on International Charging Models in National Broadband Network Environment as part of the latest ITU publication Trends in Telecommunication Reform. The paper reflects on 10 years of experience with IP interconnection and concludes that the time is ripe for a move away from cost-based ex-ante regulation and towards greater reliance on ex-post corrective measures. It is available for free here.

Jan 2014

ICT Policy development in developing countries

Over recent years Incyte has built a strong track record in creating and implementing national broadband and ICT plans. (MORE) Incyte has just completed projects acting as international advisor in support of BMI-Techknowldge to help the Department of Communications in South Africa to develop an ICT Sector Policy, and as lead advisor to the Zambian ICT Authority in the development of a National ICT Strategy and Implementation Plan. During 2013, Incyte Director, Jim Holmes, also worked extensively for the ITU to help policy-makers in small developing countries (e.g. Fiji, Lesotho, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea) develop appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks for broadband. Currently Incyte Director, Matthew O'Rourke is developing broadband policies and implementation plans for Lao and Brunei Darussalam. The key factors in the success of all these projects have been the establishment of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals, full appreciation of the way ICT eco-systems work, and ensuring that the policy is supported at the very highest level of Government.

Nov 2013

BTC plans lower call rates in the Bahamas

Developed with support of one of Incyte's Directors, BTC has recently launched new calling plans which drastically lower the cost of long distance and international calling in The Bahamas. The new plans allow customers to make cheaper calls to the UK, Canada, the USA and the Bahamas (long-distance). Our Director provided support in the product development process including primary research, market analysis, business case development and the approval process with the sector regulator. The plans can be found here.


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