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Papers & Articles

J R Holmes: "Collective dominance and oligopoly control in European competition law: Dealing with persistent oligopoly in markets such as telecommunications" available here. (February 2017, Doctoral thesis, Monash University)

David Rogerson, Pedro Seixas and Jim Holmes, Net Neutrality: A perspective responding to recent developments in the European Union (December 2016). Available as an article in Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (December 2016, Vol 4 No 4) - https://telsoc.org/ajtde/2016-12-v4-n4/a79 - and as a paper here.

Kerron Edmunson describes the parlous state of South African broadband spectrum management in a new article, here. (August, 2016)

Harm Aben - "Incyte Consulting's Approach to Telecom Sector Product Development: Being Creative in a Corporate Setting" (April, 2015)

Matthew O'Rourke and David Rogerson, A Practical Guide to benchmarking Telecommunications Prices, ITU (August 2014)
This practical guide explains how to develop a benchmark of telecommunications prices, why a regulator might want to do so, and how the benchmark should be interpreted and applied. The steps involved are explained with reference to hypothetical benchmarking exercises together with actual price benchmarks developed by communications sector regulators. Download the document here.

D A Rogerson - "International Charging Models in National Broadband Network Environment" in "Trends in Telecommunication Reform", (ITU, 2014) here.

Harm Aben (Incyte Consulting) - A study funded by the ITU and the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. The report on “Strategies for the promotion of broadband services and infrastructure: a case study on Romania” - May 2012 can be found here.

D.A. Rogerson (Incyte Consulting) - “International Roaming: Regulatory and Commercial Issues” a training workshop prepared for the ITU, Bangkok, May 2012. Papers published here.

D.A. Rogerson (Incyte Consulting) - “Open Access Regulation in the Digital Economy” a paper within Trends in Telecommunications Reform, ITU, Geneva, 2012. Discussion paper published here.

D.A. Rogerson and J.R. Holmes (Incyte Consulting): “Market Definition and Analysis for SMP: A practical guide” – June 2010.

David Lewin (Plum Consulting) and Jim Holmes (Incyte Consulting): “Implementing the National Broadband Network in Australia – Regulatory Issues” – May 2009.

J.R. Holmes: "The European Experience – Regulating Broadband Services", in CEDA publication: Growth 60: Australia's Broadband Future - Four doors to greater competition, December 2008.

D. Rogerson "Establishing cost-based interconnection: regulatory challenges and solutions", presented at the Infofest conference in Budva, Montenegro on 30 September 2008

L.H. Campbell and J.R. Holmes "Regulating Service Providers' Access to an FTTN Network", first published in Media International Australia, No. 127, May 2008.

Incyte Associate, David Lewin of Plum Consulting: “Regulating Next Generation Networks”, first published in the Journal of Telecommunications Management, January 2008

Copyright and Terms of Use

We publish here articles and papers that have been prepared on telecommunications themes and issues of current interest.

Publication is with the permission of the authors who claim copyright. In many cases re-publication is subject to acknowledging when and where the work was first published. In all cases we offer this acknowledgement if the work has been previously published.

Visitors to the website are welcome to download these works for their own private use, or to cite them in other articles and papers they are preparing. Re-publication in full may only occur with the permission of the relevant copyright owner.


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